Friday, March 13, 2009

The Search for the Logological Holy Grail

"All words, no matter how common or obscure, are interesting, but some are more interesting than others. And out of the some, a few are interesting in more than one way. And out of the few, one word is more interesting in more ways than any other word in the language. It is packed with properties that range from common to unique. It stands out from the outstanding. What is that word? The quest to find it is the ultimate exercise in wordplay--the search for the Logological Holy Grail.

"Ironically, the search will never end. There are too many words in English and too many forms of wordplay to consider. There never will be complete agreement on the best of all possible words. The inhabitants of the world of wordplay are too creative and too diverse. Still, the search for the forbidden fruit on the tree of linguistic knowledge can reap magnificent results."
—Dave Morice "Peppertree: The Logological Holy Grail," Word Ways (Feb. 2003)

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