Thursday, March 19, 2009


"'You are standing at a doorway through which you are about to pass, into a world where you must make your own way, must accomplish things that will establish the basis for your future lives. I’m going to help you in this by telling you a magic word. This word, if you use it properly, will allow you to go anywhere, do anything, accomplish whatever you want. . . . I know that by now you are all wondering what this magic word is,' he said. 'I will show it to you now. If you will all just turn around and look toward the back of the room, you will find that my magic word is inscribed in large letters on the rear doors of this auditorium.' The students did as the admiral suggested and turned around. Then they broke into gales of laughter. At the rear auditorium, written in very large letters on each door, was the word 'Pull.'" —John Cramer, Einstein's Bridge (1997)

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