Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sucop Sucoh

Sucop, Sucoh! Hold on tight! Soon my magic will work right.
—Kemal Kurt, Mixed-Up Journey to Magic Mountain (2002)

Facts: This magic phrase is hocus pocus spelled backwards.

In Literature:

  • From Mixed-Up Journey to Magic Mountain by Kemal Kurt (2002):
  • Rabbit’s paw, garden snail,
    Cat’s eye, mouse hair, dragon tail,
    Cross your fingers if you dare,
    From my hat will hop a hare!
    Sucop, Sucoh!
    You will see,
    My spells are working perfectly!
  • “The crowd circles around the old soothsayer with his long white beard and gray tunic. He was casting his wicked incantations upon Anazasi. ‘sucop . . . sucoh,’ he chanted loudly.” —Joseph DeMarco, 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins (2004)
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